What is tithing?

“Tithe” means 10% or “a tenth part”. God’s Word tells us that everything we have is from God and the first 10% of everything we earn or receive belongs to Him. God says in the book of Malachi that we are to bring our tithe into the storehouse, the local Church, wherever you meet to worship God.
In doing so we walk faithfully before God and are showing our trust in Him to provide all we need.

What’s the difference between the “Tithe” and “Offerings”?

The tithe is to be the first 10% of everything you receive financially. Tithing is simply an act of obedience, An offering is any amount you would give above the tithe.

Why Should We Tithe?

Since God owns everything — “the cattle on a thousand hills” and all there is — it might seem that He doesn’t really need our tithes and offerings. He doesn’t need them, true, but we need to give them. Why? The Bible tells us that where our treasure is, there our heart is also. Money is something we all trade with, it is often our focus and gets much of our attention. When the first of our income is dedicated to God, it shows God our hearts are invested in Him.

What Should I Do Now?

In the Old Testament, the Jews were instructed to take their tithes” to the storehouse,” which was the temple — the center of religion for the entire country. Today, since the Body of Christ has so many manifestations (churches, colleges, television and overseas ministries, hospitals, relief agencies, etc.), people can choose where their tithes should go.
It’s important that you give your tithe to the place that feeds you spiritually. If you’re a church member, you should honour your own church with consistent financial support.
When we tithe regularly it gives us a constant reminder that God is our provider. May you be richly blessed as you are obedient in your stewardship to Him!

There are 3 ways to submit your tithe:

  1. On a Sunday through the DropBox at the Information Booth;
  2. On a Sunday through Eftpos at the Information Booth; or
  3. On-line Banking through Automatic Payments – Tauranga Elim Church BNZ 02 0466 0266396 000 (please use your surname and tithe number as a reference)

We operate a confidential numbered system for tithing (each member has a tithe number). This system is used to issue end-of-year Charitable Tax Receipts of your annual giving here at Tauragan Elim Church, enabling the recipient to claim a Tax Credit with the IRD — 33.3% can be claimed back. For full information on Tax Credits, please go to:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office on 578 8903 or use the form on the Contact us page, and one of our team would be happy to chat with you.